Once you have a sketchbook of some loose, bold drawings you can begin to play with bringing story and visual interest to your books. For me this is the most playful part and where the magic happens - otherwise known as happy accidents! I work in an intuitive way without an agenda and just see what happens.

Now that you have spent time looking at the shapes and structures of the plants and natural objects, you can try drawing in a different way - collage! Most don't have the same hang ups about cutting and gluing as they do about 'drawing' yet it needs the same skills of observation and creating a line - albeit a cut line. 

The simplified forms of collage (you need to simplify or it gets too fiddly!) might allow you to work back into areas in your book - you could draw into the tags you added, or create a series of envelope drawings. Or you could collage onto these. You can probably put away your board of objects now and instead respond to your sketchbook and adding to each page to enhance the sense of place - the journey that you took on your walk - and the narrative of the season.  You can write, or add words in your book - your own or a favourite poem. 

By now I hope you have lost yourselves in the creative process - that each task has absorbed you more and more and that you've forgotten who I am! ;)

If you get a chance - please visit the forum and show us what you've been up to!


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