If you haven't drawn for a while you're probably feeling apprehensive. Drawing is like walking - or it can be! You can choose to put one foot in front of the other, go through a series of steps. But most of us walk without thinking and draw whilst overthinking! We are full of 'should' and ideas of what a drawing 'should be'. 

For me a drawing is part of my research process. In my sketchbook it isn't a finished piece in its own right, it's an exploration. Drawing is about learning to co-ordinate your hand and your eye. Some where along the way hopefully some magic happens.

What we are not going to do today is freak out and give ourselves a negative commentary. We are going to draw - in multiple ways - multiple times and see where that gets us. Hopefully a couple of things will work for us that we can practice and build upon. Each of us is at a different stage on our creative journey - give yourself permission to begin again. And also permission to not be perfect. I often ask people why they come on my courses and they tell me they like the simple way I draw. But then when given permission to simplify they feel that their drawing isn't enough. You are enough!

I have devised a series of drawing exercises (Fearless Drawing 2-5) to get you started - try these on any paper (not your painted sketchbook just yet). These are just ways of getting you started.


Draw the objects on your board (you don't need to set up a separate still life but of course you can can if you want) using the techniques shown in the videos. Work quickly and move on to the next challenge before the negative voices start up!

When you have done these drawing challenges, you can chuck them in the bin if you want to - or you might actually like one or two of them! Tell us what happened in the forum - and show us your favourite if you are feeling brave. Remember this is a starting point for drawing.


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