Hopefully you've burst the bubble of creative angst and we can move forward with the day with curiosity and playfulness.

You might want to repeat a couple of the tasks from Task 3 in your painted sketchbook. Be carefree. If it goes wrong, you can paint over it, or stick a sheet of paper on top - just don't be too quick to judge.

You don't have to start at the beginning of your book and work through in order - I prefer to do the first tentative drawings somewhere in the middle rather than on the first pages. 

Here are some ideas for more drawing challenges. Remember you are exploring what you see with shape and line. Go slow - stop and look. Keep getting it wrong - each time your drawing will express what you see in a slightly different way. 

Remember that whenever you start a project you can take yourself through a number of drawing exercises to get you in the creative zone - then you can start to play with:

  • Continuous line drawing

  • Drawing with your non-dominant hand

  • Using ink or paint to create a wash in the areas behind the key shapes

  • Layering washes with drawings

Start with some 5 minute sketches and work up to 10 or 15 minutes - keep adding layers. Remember to:

  • Think about placement - where on the page are you putting the drawing? Don't let the drawing sit in the middle of the page - take the lines out to the edges.

  • Think about scale - zoom in and enlarge some details to fill a whole page.

  • If your drawing is getting too tight - shake it up, draw with your non dominant hand

  • Mix up the media - alternate with different drawing media - pencil, biro, ink, paintbrush


Here's an extra tutorial for using carbon paper for 'blind' drawing....

The goal of this task is to produce lots of quick drawings and fill as many pages as you can (10-12) so that we can embellish them in the next task. It is okay to have unresolved parts and spaces and even blank pages.

Visit the forum and let me know how you are getting on!


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