You can do the tasks in any order that you want. They are to guide and challenge you but if you want to leave some out that is absolutely fine! Equally, if one task really inspires you and you want to do several versions of it - go for it! The tasks will remain available to you for two months so work at your own pace. That said, having the discipline of doing a drawing a day will reap rewards. 


I have added some of my images and sketchbook images to show you how you might approach the tasks. Remember there is no right and wrong, approach to the tasks with an experimental, playful approach. Stay curious and see what happens!

Task 1 - Fill a cup with flowers gathered from your garden or a wildlife walk. Draw it, collage it, look in and around and behind it. How different does this task feel now,  compared to when you started? 

Task 2 - Play with scissors and cutting. Cut the shapes that you have been drawing - use these shapes as a background to draw on top of. Or use the pieces to add to another drawing. Don't forget the pieces that you cut away - these can be more bold and playful than your intended cuts

Task 3 - Chop a page in half, flip it over and stitch it back on. You can also stitch in new pages - paper or fabric.

For this series, I chopped the page vertically and flipped it over and stitched it back so I ended up with a red and turquoise page. when I looked at it sideways I could see the turquoise end as the ground and I knew I wanted to draw my beetroot. I did look at the beetroot but drew them in a stylised way. 

Task 4 - Find some floral designs in magazines - on plates or mugs or fabric designs. Draw these stylised designs in your sketchbook or on paper - recreate some of these patterns using collage and paint and posca pens. 

Task 5 - Cut some leaf shapes from masking tape or washi tape - stick them in your book and wash over them with ink or paint. Allow to dry and then peel them off. Draw on top.

With this task I sat in front of the plants to draw on top of the leaf shapes. Then I worked intuitively - responding to the drawing with no overall intention.

Task 6 - Fill spaces with pattern - use scrapbooking paper, wrapping paper or print your own with the craft foam technique - or potato print!

Task 7 - Add book pages to your sketchbook. Draw with a fine liner - block in the shapes behind with acrylic. See where this stakes you with collage added too.

Task 8 - On a page in your book slip in a cutting mat. With a craft knife, cut out some tossed leaf shapes. What can you see through the windows? 

Task 9 - Take photos of your garden - print them out (I use ordinary printer paper not photographic paper as I like them matt). Stick them in your book amongst your drawings. These can be added as whole pages or parts of a page - they can prompt new drawings or complement others.

Task 10 - Make seed packets - send them to your friends.

Task 11 - 1000 Go back to the beginning and start again :)

Once you have completed the tasks, click through to the Course Review page and see how far you've come!


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