You can do the tasks in any order that you want. They are to guide and challenge you but if you want to leave some out that is absolutely fine! Equally, if one task really inspires you and you want to do several versions of it - go for it! The tasks will remain available to you for two months so work at your own pace. That said, having the discipline of doing a drawing a day will reap rewards. 


I have added some of my images and sketchbook images to show you how you might approach the tasks. Remember there is no right and wrong, approach to the tasks with an experimental, playful approach. Stay curious and see what happens!

This week I want you to have some self acceptance. It's easy to keep comparing ourselves to others but it doesn't achieve anything. Only by keeping moving forwards, by keeping drawing and creating do we develop. Even those artists who are accomplished doubt their own work. It's what keeps us innovating, and trying.

Task 1 - Make a page of tags. Brown paper tags or ones you make. Or draw around plant labels. Or print some downloads. Draw on top of the tags with images of leaves or flowers. 


I used a Derwent paint pen to draw with. They come in lovely colours but I have found them very gloopy and they dry up quickly so I don't recommend them - except when you need the perfect green!  

Task 2 - get an envelope - preferably used and beautifully addressed (send yourself a letter if you have to!!) Add it to a sketchbook page and draw over it. This doesn't have to be a finished piece - it might lend itself to having collage added later.

Task 3 - Cut some plant labels from brown paper. Add these to previous drawings and add text to say what plants they are. 

Task 4 - Draw a row of garden pots - or cut them out of collage paper. Add a plant drawing to each pot.

Task 5 - Tackle scale. Draw a flower head to fill a whole page. Use collage to add embellishments to your drawing. You could do a series of these.

In this piece I used a strong neon painted paper to collage with that really made the collage 'pop'.

Task 6 - when you close your eyes in your garden what do you hear? Gardens are sensory places. I hear the sounds of birds in the apple tree. I want to introduce some of these characters into my sketchbook - not in an over-literal way but in a symbolic way - using the bird as a design motif. You could add cats, dogs, foxes or a humble ladybird to your book pages.

For this task draw the tops of plants in your garden. Using collage to add some cut out birds. What are they singing to each other? 

Day 7 - I really enjoyed collaging plant pots and drawing the plants in them. This time I am going to draw and collage cups and mugs and pop a seedling in them. Don't forget the labels! I am trying to integrate the drawn marks and the collaged marks so that they mix effortlessly. Like with the flowerpots I have made up the shapes. Then I have looked at plant and seed structures and the patterns on my mugs and drawn on top of the collage.

Don't forget to share your explorations and creations in the group. And when you're ready - move on to the final week of tasks by clicking below. 


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