I have a deep connection to nature that I express through my work. I follow Nature's simple beat, inspired by the changes of the seasons, the landscape, my garden. I feel the seasons, I have more energy in summer and crave hibernation in the winter. Sun, moon and stars, trees, fields and flowers are regular symbols in my work and like many other artists and makers that have come before me, I revere them in my work. 

In teaching workshops I have come to understand my own processes and visual language and how they relate to my spiritual practice. Following on from a series of workshops based on the seasons I wrote to express what each season means to me and how it influences me as a human and as an artist. Those writings became my spoken word CD, 'I am Nature'

There is a section for each season where I speak about how each season makes me feel and how I express that in my work. I conjure a visual picture of the year and then invite you to meditate upon how each season affects you. Each season section finishes with suggestions of how you might use the season to inspire your creative practice. 

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