May - Enjoy your creative life

Detail from'May Morning' available as an A3 print for £20 + p&p On a few of my workshops recently, all focused on creating sketchbooks, the conversation has been about using your sketchbook to maintain your creative flow. This moved us on to a discussion about the process of your work. Without an enjoyment of process, you can't enjoy your creative output. for me, once the process becomes functional and formulaic, I lose the enjoyment of creating. I kind of feel the same about life! And it is the new adventures, the new projects that keep life interesting! All that stimulation feeds into my creativity, keeping the well of creativity topped up allows me to keep creating. But giving myself perm

Creative Courage - Tracy Cupitt the sketching adventurer!

This month I want to look at what fuels our creativity and how we can keep enjoying our artistic journey. For those of us whose business it is to be creative, keeping the well filled up is so important as you don't want to drain your precious reserve. I spoke to Creative Courage group member Tracy Cupitt. I have followed Tracy online since we exhibited together at Wirksworth Festival. This year she's been making me jealous as she's taken herself off on a wonderful adventure and I wanted to know more! You’ve been brave, thrown caution to the wind and gone travelling! What led to this decision? I've been watching and listening to Esther Hicks on youtube recently where she talks about the law

April - How to keep being creative

Detail from a print 'April Shower ' £20 It has been a long winter and it has been so grey! As a creative who loves colour and light it has been a slog. Finally we are turning a corner and I really hope my colours come back soon! I'm not sure it is possible to keep being creative. It is not a tap you can turn on and off. My creativity is very much linked to my well being. When your creativity is your job, there's the added pressure of making it pay. In these days of underfunding of the arts and art education, there is also trying to prove that it is possible to live from a freelance career in the arts, but not only does it need creativity to make art, but creativity to keep innovating in a cr

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