March - Embracing Change

March Walk - detail from an open edition print £20 A sense of change accompanies us through our lives. We can't stay still for long before change comes our way, chosen or enforced. The creative part of our lives is much the fall into a way of being, or working, and you ride that out before a sense of change starts to niggle away. Either old ways of working seem outmoded or new ways of working start to feel more exciting. But how do we embrace that change? Both as creatives and as creative business owners? Establishing a creative 'flow' can be challenging when our lives are so busy, so dissected by responsibilities. Once it is established, keeping it going, breathing through our pr

Creative Courage - Alys Power Jewellery Designer

This month in my online Facebook group 'Helen Hallows - Creative Courage' the topic for discussion has been 'Change' - how we grow as creatives, how we stick at one creative pursuit, or juggle many. I have followed Alys Power for a number of years and I have been inspired by how she allowed for her own creative growth and allowed herself to develop a completely new body of work. I asked Alys some questions about this transition: Tell us about your creative journey and the changes you’ve been through. I've always been encouraged to be creative and I think I always knew I would end up doing something craft focused. I've been making and selling jewellery for 15 year now and, in fact, this year

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