February - Keeping a sense of purpose

It has been a busy month and like January, I'm flying in on the last day to write my February blog post. I'm continuing with the theme of creative purpose, a theme that we've been touching on in my Facebook group 'Helen Hallows - Creative Courage'. The purpose of creativity is a topic I come back to again and again. it is like the spiral of my life and the further along life's path I go, the more I hope to spiral in on answering the question of what it means to be creative. To me creativity is like breathing. It's what I do. I think it has tremendous value for my life and to society. And yet I feel that I continually need to advocate for its purpose in our lives. My oldest son is currently c

Featured Artist - Nina Tara of Courageous Art

I recently set up a Facebook Group called 'Creative Courage' as a forum for all of us who live a creative life and advocate for creative living, both in terms of how we make art but also what that art means and its ability to change lives, our own and those of others. Art has the capacity to heal, and creative living means we have the capacity to do things differently, to break down perceived ways of being and make changes for the better. I want to offer a supported environment to talk about what it means to be creative and find a network of support for our creative journey. This month I have asked Nina Tara from 'Courageous Art' about her own courageous journey with her creativity: Tell us

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