November - Landscape Artist of the Year

It's been a summer of secrets! In April I applied to participate in Sky Arts 'Landscape Artist of the Year' and in May I received the call to say that I had been accepted. The filming schedule started in June but I was asked to keep everything top secret! With two young kids I didn't even tell my family. My entry piece for the competition 'Red Field', available as a limited edition print here. In June I went off to film my heat. The location was Paddy's Hole, near Redcar. It's a cove of fishing huts on an isolated promontory of land looking back at the steel works on the coast. I stayed in Middlesborough and on arrival at the hotel I received a call to say that there had been a disaster. Th

October - achievements

It's that time of the year where you realise that before you blink it'll be another year! I started 2017 with great intentions and a long to-do list and I'm on track to meet my goals. Setting realistic goals is always hard as a creative as new ideas arrive late at night when I'm sitting in front of the fire or out on a walk. I love Autumn for those rituals of colourful walks, followed by sitting in front of the fire with a book. It's when I step away from the work of running my creative business, when I create space for my mind to wander, that ideas fall like autumn leaves and I try and catch them. It's hard to create that time for ourselves when we're busy with the busyness of doing and sel

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