August - strength

Art is a way of life, a calling, and as such it is a lifestyle. Much of our lives have been shaped around the ideas of linear accomplishment, studying, doing things in the right order to achieve a set goal. Art scuppers those ideas. It's less tangible, and although we can find ways of creating in certain ways, it doesn't really have a beginning, a middle and an end. It can be exhausting when the urge to create hits and you have to fulfil that call. and there is a duty to serve that calling, to eat well, sleep, and go see the world and bottle up the inspiration. Summer is my season, when I feel most myself. I love the energy and freedom of longer days. I'm fortunate to have a teacher for a hu

July - honour

Quote from Kahlil Gibran This summer I'm celebrating twenty years since graduation. I finished my degree in Woven Textiles at Loughborough College of Art and Design and with a recently won RSA bursary went off to India backpacking. today I have been reading my diary from the trip and looking through the photos. I'm still amazed I had the confidence to go, and still inspired by what I saw. It was the start of the big adventure called 'being an adult', the adventure that doesn't come with a manual, that has to be taken one step at a time. Painting inspired by my travels in India Straight after returning from India, I started work in London, wavering, unsure of who I was and who I was going to

June - energetic authenticity

I started to write this post in June. It was to be about feeling Summer's energy and using it to fuel your unique self. But it didn't get written. At the time I was crazy busy with workshops, and planning for the autumn, a commission, and then all the juggling that comes at the end of the summer term with school plays, and sports days to be fitted in. And then we tipped into the summer holidays and still this post remained unpublished! I look at the notes I wrote about the intentions for this post "energy, use the light, authenticity, tell your story. Go to places - find your inspiration (satisfy all the senses)" and I realise that instead of writing about it I went and did it and that makes

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