Seasonal Screensavers

From me to you, a little gift! Add a Helen Hallows screensaver to your computer, phone or iPad and take a few moments of calm to dream yourself into the winter landscape. Click here to download. #season #screensaver #download #free #winter #gift #landscape #collage #art #contemporary

'Make Your Mark' creativity play day

Inspired by nature, 'Make Your Mark' is a play day where you can try mixed media techniques in a fun and creative, supportive environment. I am a collage artist and use textured and patterned papers that I create in my studio. We will create a mood board of your inspiration. Using paint, mono print, lino cut and print with handmade tools you can create a stash of papers to take home to use in your creative work be that collage, journalling or as backdrops for your product shots and media shoots. I provide all the materials as well as refreshments so you can have a hands on day. Here's some feedback from last time: #makeyourmark #workshop #art #markmaking #oneday #trysomethingnew #textiles #p

Soul Soup - Nourishment

Those of you who know me know I love to cook. There's nothing more satisfying than cooking what I've grown. And when in the middle of winter I cook the last of the previous year's produce it feels like the circle of life is turning and I'm on it! January can be full of blank pages, and new beginnings can be daunting. Time spent nurturing yourself can feed you for the projects to come. Creativity comes in many shapes and forms and when I'm not sure what I'm doing in the studio, some time in the kitchen usually kick starts my creative flow. The colours I cook with often become the colours of my work. Here's the recipe from Saturday's 'Rest with Nature' creativity workshop. It's full of warmth

January - new beginnings and soul nourishment

I'm good at new beginnings. I love a list and a plan. I love the letting go of the old and the potential of the new. But then there's sticking to the plan, keeping on keeping on. I'm learning to do that. I can end up setting myself high goals and being disappointed if I fail. I am learning to set more realistic goals, and to check back in and celebrate my achievements. I love my creative life so much I sometimes forget to work hard at the other areas of me. Last year I learnt that I need balance. So I recommitted to yoga and found an amazing teacher of Dru yoga. It's fun and grounds me back in the moment and in my physical space. It's leading me to take better care of myself and I am explor

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